DroidJack Crack V5 RAT for Android [Latest]

DroidJack Cracked Android Remote Administration Tool Free Download

DroidJack Cracked is RATs (Remote Administration Tools) that allow you to gain remote administrative control of any Android device. Omni can also allow you to remotely control any Windows, Linux, or Mac device. Remote administrative control means that once the software is installed on the target device, you have full remote control of the device.

DroidJack crack

On its website, OmniRat lists all the things you can do once you’re in control of an Android, including retrieve detailed information about the services and processes running on the device, view and delete your browsing history, make a call or send SMS to any number, record audio, execute commands on the device, etc.

Like the DroidJack, the OmniRat can be purchased online, but compared to the DroidJack, it’s a steal. While the DroidJack costs $ 210, the OmniRat only costs $ 25 to $ 50, depending on the device you want to control.

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DroidJack Cracked

You might be wondering why software like this is sold on the internet? According to the creator of DroidJack, Sanjeevi, “Droidjack is a parental tool for remote administration of Android”, but Europol has made it clear that the use of software like DroidJack for malicious purposes can have significant consequences. In an investigation supported by Europol and Eurojust, law enforcement agencies in Europe and the United States have arrested DroidJack users.

The author of the post received an SMS indicating that an MMS had been sent to him by someone (in the example, a German phone number appears and the SMS was written in German). The SMS goes on to say, “This MMS cannot be sent to you directly due to the Android StageFright vulnerability. Access MMS in 3 days [Bitly link] with your phone number and enter the PIN code [code] ”. Once the link is open, a site loads where you are prompted to enter the SMS code with your phone number.

Once you enter your number and code, an APK, MMS-einst8923, is downloaded to the Android device. The MMS-einst8923.apk, when installed, downloads a message to the phone stating that the MMS settings have been changed successfully and downloads an icon, called “Recover MMS” to the phone.

Screenshots of DroidJack Crack

DroidJack patch DroidJack Cracked

Key points and characteristics of DroidJack Cracked 2020:

  1. Access call logs from Android devices.
  2. Read the conversations.
  3. GPS locator to get the last location of the victim.
  4. File Voyager to download files from the victims’ storage.
  5. Distant ears to hear the microphone live.
  6. Contact browser.
  7. Make a phone call using the victim’s device.
  8. Send text messages using the victim’s device.
  9. Distant eyes for taking photos from the front or rear camera also record video.
  10. Listen to the microphone.
  11. Detailed information gets IMEI number and much more.
  12. SMS Trekker deletes SMS messages.
  13. Take photos.
  14. Record live calls.
  15. Built-in Apk tool.
  16. The application manager reads the installed applications.
  17. Download call recordings.
  18. Download call / SMS logs.
  19. Call manager to use things related to calls.
  20. Record videos.

How to Install DroidJack 2020 Crack?

  • Download from the link below
  • Extract and install it
  • Run the setup
  • All done

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